Religious Imagery Care Effectiveness on Acute Coronary Syndrome Patient Anxiety

Achmad Sya'id


Introduction: Acute coronary syndrome refers to any group of chest clinical symptoms. Acute Coronary Syndrome patient anxiety gives bad impact on recovery processes. Religious imagery care stimulus was accepted by the senses, transmitted to the God spot area and the prefrontal cortex, it relaxes the mind, stretches the muscles and gives positive effects. The aims were assessing the effectiveness of religious imagery care in reducing anxiety. Methods: The author used 3 steps. I: researcher used focus group discussion and in-depth interview in identifying any anxiety cases of the respondents (cardiovascular OPD clients), explored respondents understanding about the anxiety, and their expectations of anxiety management. II: designing nursing anxiety management based on phase I result (critical review and expert guidance). III: using control group pretest-posttest experimental method. Sample size was 7 for each groups (intervention and control group) using consecutive sampling. Analysis: Hermeneutical analysis method was used for qualitative study and independent t-test was used for quantitative study. Results: I: respondents expected the anxiety management based on non-pharmacological technics, applicable, and religious. II: Religious imagery care as a product of integrating some theories based on phase I result (adaptation theory, transpersonal caring, guided imagery, religious care). III: showing effective and significant p = 0.007 (independet t-test). Discussion: Respondents’ understanding and hope is not exactly the same for each, but can be concluded as non-pharmacological, applicable, and religiousity. Having implementing the imagery religious care, it statistically showed effective and significant to reduce respondent anxiety.


imagery, religious, anxiety, Acute Coronary Syndrome.


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