Bioadsorben Kulit Jagung (Zea Mays ssp. mays) Untuk Menurunkan Fosfat (PO43-) Pada Limbah Cair

Dhea Elok Apriliani



1 Dhea Elok Apriliani, 2 Narwati, 3 Erna Triastuti
Politeknik Kesehatan Kementerian Kesehatan Surabaya

Phosphates are generally dissolved, suspended or bonded from within the cells of the organism in water. Phosphate that exceeds the threshold value may lead to eutrophication and hyperphosphatemia. Efforts to decrease the phosphate is using bioadsorbent of corn husk with chemical compotition of 44,08 % cellulose. The aim of this research was to know the difference of phosphate content in artificial liquid waste before and after addition of bioadsorbent of corn husk with weight variation 10gr, 30gr, 50gr and contact time for 90 minutes.
This research was pre-experimental with the design of One Group Pretest and Posttest Design. The population in the study was artificial liquid waste. The sample used in artificial liquid waste and the sample size is 19 samples. Phosphate levels were examined by means of the FTIR Spectrophotometer ( Fourier Transform Infrared) wavelength 880 nm.
Phosphate levels on control was 6,018 mg/L, phosphate concentration A (10gr) was 3,107 mg/L, phosphate concentration B (30gr) was 1,790 mg/L, phosphate concentration C (50gr) was 0,377 mg/L. According to Paired t-test, P = (0,000) < α (0,05) showed that there was a significant decrease between phosphate levels in artificial liquid waste control and treatment group. Based on Kruskal Wallis test obtained results P = (0,004) < α (0,05) which indicates there is a significant influence between the weight of corn husk bioadsorbent to decrease phosphate levels in artificial liquids waste.
It was concluded that there was a decrease of phosphate levels in artificial liquids waste after added bioadsorbent of corn husk. It is recommended to decrease other pollutant parameters by bioadsorbent of corn husk and increase the concentration of NaOH solution, increase of bioadsorbent weight of corn husk, contact time variation, and control oxygen in liquid waste.

Keywords: Phosphate (PO43-), Liquid waste, Bioadsorbent of Corn Husk


Bioadsorben Penurun Fosfat


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