Penerimaan Orang Tua tentang Vaksin Covid-19 pada Anak Usia 6-11 Tahun dengan Pendekatan Health Belief Model

Lusi Azizatil Abidah, Haswita Haswita, Roshinta Sony Anggari


The government's Covid-19 vaccination program for children is still experiencing obstacles because parents still have doubts about the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine for children. The aim of this research was to determine parental acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine using the Health Belief Model approach in Tegalwangi Village. This research applied a cross-sectional approach, involving 170 respondents selected using a purposive sampling technique. Data was collected by filling out a questionnaire, then analyzed using the Spearman correlation test. The results of the analysis showed that the p value for each factor was: perceived vulnerability = 0.000, perceived severity = 0.004, perceived benefits = 0.006, and perceived barriers = 0.009. It was concluded that there was a relationship between perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits and perceived barriers to children's acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Keywords: health belief model; covid-19 vaccine; parental acceptance




Progam vaksinasi Covid-19 pada anak yang dilakukan pemerintah masih mengalami hambatan dikarenakan orang tua masih ragu tentang keamanan dan efektifitas dari vaksin Covid-19 pada anak. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui penerimaan orang tua tentang vaksin Covid-19 dengan pendekatan Health Belief Model di Desa Tegalwangi. Penelitian ini menerapkan pendekatan cross-sectional, dengan melibatkan 170 responden yang dipilih dengan teknik purposive sampling. Data dikumpulkan melalui pengisian kuesioner, lalu dilakukan analisis dengan uji korelasi Spearman. Hasil analisis menunjukkan bahwa nilai p untuk masing-masing faktor adalah: persepsi kerentanan = 0,000, persepsi keparahan = 0,004, persepsi manfaat = 0,006, dan persepsi hambatan = 0,009. Disimpulkan bahwa terdapat hubungan antara persepsi kerentanan, persepsi keparahan, persepsi manfaat dan persepsi hambatan dengan penerimaan vaksin Covid-19 pada anak.

Kata kunci: health belief model; vaksin covid-19; penerimaan orangtua

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