Pengaruh Suplementasi Ekstrak Daun Kelor (Moringa pterygosperma Gaertn) terhadap Ekspansi Kumulus Oosit dalam Medium Maturasi In Vitro

Nur Anindya Syamsudi


Background: Cumulus cells are mediators providing energy transport, micronutrients, and carrier molecules for oocyte development, and mediate the influence of hormones on the oocyte cumulus complex. Cumulus cells play a role during oocyte growth and maturation which shows the quality of oocyte maturation. The use of basic maturation medium with the addition of various substances and compounds has been extensively studied to study oocyte maturation in vitro. Utilization of drugs from natural ingredients has unique advantages because in general cheap prices, have lower toxicity and side effects, and good therapeutic potential. One of the plants that can be used as a source of natural antioxidants, namely Moringa leaves. Objective: Determine the effect of supplementation Moringa pterygosperm Gaertn extract on the expansion of oocyte cumulus in in vitro maturation medium. Method: This research is true experimental with Post Test Only Control Group Design approach. Divided into 4 groups, namely K: control group, P1: treatment of 10 mg / mL Moringa leaf extract, P2: treatment of 15 mg / mL Moringa leaf extract, and P3: treatment of 20 mg / mL Moringa leaf extract. Furthermore oocytes are matured for 24 hours. Cumulus expansion is evaluated according to the level of expansion achieved where the minimum response (+), medium response (++), and maximum response (+++). Statistical analysis used the One Way Anova test and continued post HoC LSD. Results: There was an influence of supplementation Moringa pterygosperm Gaertn extract on the expansion of moderate response cumulus (++) (p = 0.007) and maximum response (+++) (p = 0.000), but there was no effect on the expansion of cumulus minimal response (+) (0.065 ). Doses of 20 mg / mL are effective for cumulus expansion (+++), but not effective for cumulus expansion (+), (++), and control. Conclusion: Supplementation Moringa pterygosperm Gaertn extract affected the expansion of moderate response (++) and maximum response (+++) oocytes in in vitro maturation medium.

Keywords: moringa leaf extract, cumulus expansion, in vitro maturation.


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