Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Angka Kuman Udara di Rumah Sakit Soemitro Surabaya

QUEENIZA ULYA YONATA, Imam Thohari, marlik marlik


Microbiological examination of the floor swab in one of the inpatient rooms of Soemitro Air Force Hospital found that the number of microbactery on the floor was 10 colonies. These results indicate that the floor in the inpatient room is indicated to be the growth of microorganisms. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors associated with airborne microbactery counts at Soemitro Air Force Hospital in Surabaya.This research was using analytic observational. The population in this study were all rooms in Soemitro Air Force Hospital totaling 47 rooms and 38 rooms were sampled which were divided into 4 (four) Risk Zones (Low, Medium, High and Very High Risk). Sampling technique is done by Stratified Random Sampling. Data analysis using Pearson Product Moment Test.The results showed the average number of airborne microbacterial in Soemitro Air Force Hospital was 52.8 CFU / m3. The temperature was 30.8oC with a humidity of 61.8%. Lighting averaged 83.6 Lux. The results of the observation of sanitation assessment and space maintenance were 88.8% and 77.7% respectively. The Pearson Product Moment Test states that there was a relationship between temperature, humidity, lighting, room sanitation and room maintenance with airborne germ counts at Soemitro Air Force Hospital. Soemitro Air Force Hospital was expected to carry out proper maintenance and sanitation of space to prevent the growth of microbacterial both in the air and on the surface of objects in the room. Lighting, humidity and temperature in the room needed to be measured regularly (3 months) to determine compliance with quality standards so as to prevent the growth of germs.

Keywords: Air Microbacterial Number, Hospital

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.33846/sf.v11i3.664


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