Gambaran Parent-Grandparent Co-parenting Relationship pada Kakek-Nenek yang Mengasuh Balita

Rizki Agustin Purwaningtyas


Parental care by grandparents has become a worldwide phenomenon along with the increasing number of working mothers. Co-residing grandparent influence children’s growth and development, so good co-parenting is needed to avoid the negative impacts. This study aims to describe parent-grandparent co-parenting relationship in grandparents who provide child care because left by working mothers. The research method was descriptive survey and using simple random sampling technique with sample of 105 grandparents who provide child care because left by working mothers. Characteristics of grandparents 74.3% aged less than 60 years, 90.5% children raised by grandmothers. The majority of grandparents 99% came from Javanese ethnic and 55.2% had an elementary-junior high school education. As many as 87.6% respondents have an income less than IDR1,700,000.00/month and 60% mothers of children work as private employees. The results indicated that grandparents showed a good parent-grandparent co-parenting relationship in the role of childcare, which was marked by 65.7% co-parenting agreement good respondents, 73.3% co-parenting closeness of respondents good, 73.3% exposure of child to conflict respondents are good, 78.1% co-parenting support/undermining respondents are good, 85.7% endorsement of partner's parenting respondents are good, and only 58.1% of respondents perceive the division of labor in the sufficient category. The role of grandparents as children’s primary caregivers when left by working mothers will not interfere with attachment between parent-child if a harmonious parent-grandparent co-parenting relationship is created.



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