Peran Support Keluarga Bagi Orang Dengan Gangguan Jiwa

salva dwi kosayriyah


Introduction: Supporting the family is an important role in the recovery effort for people with mental disorders (ODGJ). Objective: to learn more about family. Methods: A systematic search of the literature database including Google Schoolar, Sciene Direct, Proquest, published in 2016-2020, with keywords: family support and mental disorders. This systematic review uses 15 articles that fit the topic. Results: Analysis of 15 articles shows that family support has a good influence on the healing process of ODGJ, but there are several factors that cause families not to support ODGJ one of them due to the negative stigma of ODGJ so that families feel ashamed of the community if they know there is one family members who suffer from mental disorders so the family hides even isolate families who suffer from mental disorders. Conclusion: There are various types of stigma that are issued in the community so that supporting families against families that support a given family depends on the family associated with various types of stigma used in the community for a long time. Suggestion : Factors influencing family support for assessment analysis need to be evaluated to support family support for ODGJ.
Keywords : family support, mental disorder


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