Hubungan Persepsi Perempuan tentang Keparahan Kanker Serviks dan Keteraturan Melakukan Deteksi Dini Kanker Serviks

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Cervical cancer is currently a global health problem. One of cervical cancer prevention is perform early detection. The purpose of this study was to analyze the relationship between women’s perceived severity of cervical cancer and the regularity of early detection of cervical cancer. The research design was cross sectional. The research subject were women aged 30-50 years in working area of the Kalisat community health center in Jember Regency East Java as much as 92 womens with inclusion criteria was women who had been married for more than 3 years.The sampling technique was simple random sampling. The research instrument used questionare that has been tested for reliability validity. The results showed that most of respondents have poor perceived of severity (63%) and most of respondents have poor regularity of early detection (74%). The result of spearman rank test analysis showed that there was a relationship between women’s perceived severity of cervical cancer and the regularity of early detection of cervical cancer with p value = 0.000. Women need an intervention to improve their perceived severity of cervical cancer so that they can prevent cervical cancer with regular early detection


perceived severity, cervical cancer, early detection


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