Long term DMPA usage causes impaired estrogen protection as vasoprotective molecules that can increase production. This study aims to determine the effect of long-term DMPA on NO levels on White Rats (Ratus Norvegicus) female wistar. The research was conducted at Animal Entomology Laboratory Faculty of Medical Hasanuddin University. The research designed was Posttest Only Control Group Design with the 12 rats as samples in the study taken with non-probability sampling technique i.e. Quota Sampling. Female rats were given intramuscular injected with DMPA (doses of 2.7 mg) every week and the nitric oxide level was measured analysis used to tes average differences of nitric oxide (NO) content was concentration of DMPA was Unpaired T-Test. There is significant difference of NO serum levels between control group and DMPA groupat week 8with p value of 0.018, also NO plasma levels between control group and DMPA administration at week 8 with p value 0.044. it can be concluded that there is o significant difference between nitric oxide (NO) in rats given DMPA and those which were not given DMPA for 8 weeks.
Keywords: Long term DMPA; estrogen; nitric oxide; female rat


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