Hubungan Kejadian Anemia dengan Ukuran Lingkar Lengan Atas dan Berat Badan Ibu Hamil

Warda Elmaida Rusdi, Aditya Rizky Alfaridzi, Dewi Masithah, Irmawan Farindra, Irsandi Rizki Farmananda, Muhammad Salsabeela Rusdi, Wilhemus Dionysius Mario Randy Benge


Background: An important aspect of determining whether a pregnant woman can go through her pregnancy well and without any disturbances is to assess her nutritional status. The nutritional status of pregnant women can be seen from weight gain, upper arm circumference (LILA) and hemoglobin (Hb) levels during pregnancy. Methods: This study is an analytic observational study. The study population was patients of pregnant women at the Bangkalan Health Center. The research sample was determined using total sampling technique with certain criteria and 82 samples were obtained. Data sources were taken through patient medical records. Data were processed using univariate and bivariate analysis. Chi-Square statistical test with a significance value of p < 0.05 indicates significant data. Results: Patients with LILA > 23.5 cm (49%) tended to have normal Hb levels. Conversely, patients with LILA < 23.5 cm (25.8%) tended to have anemia. The findings of this study showed that patients with an increase in body weight > 9 kg had a normal Hb of 50%, while patients who had a change in body weight < 9 kg had a lot of anemia at 73.5% compared to patients who did not experience anemia 26.5%. Conclusion: Nutritional status assessed by the size of the upper arm circumference and weight gain has a relationship with hemoglobin levels of pregnant women.


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